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The BADGER is it !! Best fur gun available, period. The bullet construction is the key. Combined with moderate velocity, it all but retired Mach IV (17-221). The .17 cal bullets are too fragile. They explode and cause more damage than the 19 BADGER. Shot first 30 or so with the BADGER and was impressed. Next 20 or so with the 17 Mach IV to prove to myself. Went back to the BADGER to finish the season. Mercer Lawing, CA

Mercer Lawing, CA Your looking at over 60 bobcats in 1 season !

I don't care who you are, that's impressive right there!

Robert Mahoney, CA (Mercer Lawing's partner)

with bobcat and 19 BADGER, a regular nightly happening

Nick Norris, IN

Proud owner of a 19 Calhoon CZ 527

"James and family, love this rifle! Just perfect here in North Indiana. Stay safe, Nick."

Tommy Launstein, MI

His 19 BADGER and a collection of PD trophies in WY

John Wayne, AZ


Big Paul Fox, WI

South Dakota Jack Rabbit (correctly, a white tail hare)

You can run, but you can't hide from a 19 Calhoon!

PacNor Chris, OR

The boss of PacNor Re-barreling and Harley Davidson

Montana, Land of Extremes

109° F summer, -20° F winter (actually, it does get colder)

Fred and his super engraved MK II Ruger pistol

This exquisite engraving was done by Larry (Festus) Parker, OH. Ruger company tried to by this gun, but Larry and Fred refused

John and Paterick Dahlin, MT

With their buddy Sweek the gopher



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