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Dan Clements, WY (and Barry) bag three fine chucks with Dan's 19 cal CZ 527
Dan Clark and his lovely daughter, of Michigan, enjoy their CZ 527 Hornet and our 37gr Dbl Hps

Dear James:

I just got back from shooting ground hogs in West Virginia and I plan to go back on Memorial Day. Those 32 gr. bullets really sounded off on the fat hogs. I shot hogs at over 300 yds and they never moved from their tracks. It was nice to be able to watch the action through the rifle scope. The .19 Calhoon Hornet doesn't have any recoil with 32 gr. bullets. It is surprising how something so small can do so much damage. The rifle is easy to shoot. It simply hits what you point it at.

I hope you and Fred enjoy the pictures as much as I did making them.

Sincerely, Bill Counts, West Virginia



I was so impressed with your CZ rifle in .19-223, that I had to have one in the .19 Calhoon (Hornet). I had Lloyd Thomas at the "Outdoorsman" in Kingsley, PA order me one.

Dave Paul and son, PA



Can you spot the varmint?  
Here he is! Suzanne Dahlin, Chinook MT, with a spring delicacy: Snow gopher!
Little John (Dahlin) of Chinook MT, on punkin' detail.

Billy Doersam, ND

This Vietnam vet just dropped in to pick up his Sunset Laminate 19 BADGER on his way to Vegas to visit his daughter

Our Madella at the bullet press doing what she does best, makin' Fine Shootin' Bullets

Cal Burr, MT

A member of our greatest generation. Cal, as you can tell, is a Marine holding his M1 Garand. He proudly served in WW II in the Pacific theater

Kurt, Cathy, Jackson and Lesesne, MT

After a hard day of varminting, nothing beats beans and beer on the hood of a 'Burban



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